Rumours Of Indifference


"If", I haven't seen it, It would never had "been" to believe it! 

Can't describe "something"...that can't exist? 

Co-exist or what?...can it happen, it did,"not often" 

Blood went Dry, no or why,can i say,"ok" 

"no way" 

The cut hurt deep, as i swallow very meek 

Hollow steps, about to hold me in  


Careful hands, explore with respect, more "regret" 

Forgiveness rounds around, People urge "Help" 

I begin to "fret" 

Latter's and Pillars Foretell 

"what can she tell" 

Life Flashes, traits of visions, hit me "like" a spell 

Dragging words of hollow urges, 

it made no sense, no disrespect,  

"as help urges" 

Struggling, Stiffening, Suggest, My Own ..."Death"

Purpose To Propose

Healthy Touching - Never Looking

Light To Bright - Off goes the light

Total darkness - No Trouble Laughing

Finally found her healthy Grasping


Champaign pops - Ring unlocks

She begins Toying - Inner self Glowing

Wide eyed Happy - Time to get Snappy

Moment with adjournment with your love stalk, "Rocks"

Twilight of my Middle Years 

 Wishful thinking passes by... 

As years of work, I see through my eyes 

Patience of steps pile up, not disguised 

Warn down, Thoughts ripple down Oversized 

Taking steps are pushed aside 

Hurts to pounder, what i could abide 

Rules are a flavor and a favor for the rule 

Twists cant turn, But no bodies called a fool 

Aging is a step that can't be controlled 

But memories are not prepped and just roll 

My conscience is in the mix, which it can, "Jam and cease" 

 Prayer lifts my essence to the heights of peace... 

My emotional Release...