I don't feel blind 
We will get a little closer 
Give me a kiss, that gives us closure


I depend on you ?
Life with love, I see through and through
I will kneel and then lay, what's in me too

For You

I want to bathe you in Rose's
I want to feed you chocolate
I want to massage your MIND with my LOVE, on subject

Pulsating Faith

I get good luck and charm
When I think, I am with you
You are my pulse

Can't Wait

You are a thrill
That bites down and holds my heart still Please hurry and ease the strain

Testing 1...2...3... 

Hey, babe, do you hear me 
Testing 1...2...3...
Show me, what you got And what you, want to be... with me

Fight It Off

I'll take what I can And pay for it now
I won't be last and wieght
For an open window


If you take a bite out of me
There would be a, Trail of sympathy People ask, why it had to be

Cross my Fingers 

I got time to settle myself down,... with excitement
You'll be coming around and want entitlement
I will have open arms and a settlement