I am Heading in

I am Heading out 

Which way, That's, What I am all about

Parts of me, don't know

what it's all about You, know,

Maybe I, Won't let it show

When I do, go

it might be my off hand 

That's where i am at 

See you at that

When I see you smile

and It does show in me

Guides me for a while, that's within you and me,

to the Godsend and spirituality,

Acting like, Were best friends

And really we are,

Lover's in the end


Never, Will we, Crumble

We will never, Break

I know, When, I see you

It's never a Mistake {Repeat}


I feel that

I am 

missing something

I then see, What it could have been 

How long too has it been missing

Then I wonder


I have been thinking

Of only your face

It's you, I am missing

My heart can take 

what it takes

It's you, I see  {Repeat}

With in me…


I am here, Where

I want to be

A place of Great Fidelity

That will get rid of my needs 

Meeting someone

Who has the same Speed, same sheet, Same Beat, same Heat, 


We will meet, Making our legacy

on our family tree

Spreading more branches, making more leaves, Making a Statement 

It will be something,

That will spread our wings


I know, It won't be long

We will find what's wrong

and survive by Holding On {Repeat}

I got a problem 

I keep holding my love

Remembering wild memories and keeping it true

by again, remembering you

I am never on empty. always full, Never bored 

When I am with you

You are an example of a piece of love, I kept and took from you


I just want to see and talk to you   {Repeat}


Just the same, as we are

you are a star from afar,

but you are close, to my heart,

Right Now! {Repeat}


As small, as I am

We both have a plan 

We collided, as it were

and we made, what was a blur

And again, Decided, 

We both were doing a lap

That will be a fact

All Day or night

Don't Matter,

When love attacks, with it's might

We had the day and night that felt, so…  Right!

If I were to say something to you,

It would be something

Something that’s nice

Something that sweet

Something that’s right

If I had to say something to you!

No Take Backs…


Let me, find a moment

give me, a sec

I want to tell you something

out of respect

It’s all good

Romance will be

my best bet

It will be laid in stone

done and all set

It’s all in, Sending, whatever I got

My choice permits

We will be good to rock

that’s right

What, I got left

Winning you

With a

good attitude

I won’t regret or change the facts or the mood

I like you


I want to learn

to love you

only, you… (Repeat)

Creative ways



I know you

love me

By the way And I know

you care

Babe it

sounds crazy

We are lucky

And a perfect pair


we are together

We share

what we say with our love in perfect ways

We are magnets


the equal magnetic way

That keeps us even



We are racing past,

singles way (Repeat)

When you really needed me

I came to you gently,

without a miss, you see

It motivated me 

for this a, kiss, babe

When we dove in, for the kiss

It was never a hit or miss for me

And pissed off singularity

Made us the people 

we want to be