Reminiscence To Temptations

Piece By Piece The Puzzle Grew

Piece by piece the puzzle grew

Bitter, sweet, memories stirred of you

Comfort in thought, as memories fought, as i "thought" more  of you, wasn't enough!

What flooded my heart "hurt " as we are apart, "I miss you!" From where "Id" start!

Making shape, molding memories of you

That is new and not the same, as I, once had, when i felt far away from you

From what we held at the start, was something special, that kept us not far apart

Come back when you can, lets make our love special "Again!"




Hole Ding Back

Closing clasps, keeping my hurt back

Easy steps losing self worth attacks

Inching away as my thoughts swirl

"Spinning" memories whirled

Churning thoughts held in turn

Mesmerized, hurting, set deep to burn

Holding my "loss" deepens to cease

Kneeling to regain "Peace"




Conscience Feeling Sept 11

Nothing was said  but God's send

Many prayed "Hoped" Heaven can "Delay"

Tears were falling of noise of the torn

Help achieved, what will be mourned

Nothing was said to every lookers dismay

Conscience of feeling of the worse feeling was drawn and  to cause disarray

As all have seen and saw as  all eyes stood the prayed understood "Kneeled in say"

Then the First lapse then Collapse, more came to "aid"

Second fell torn and then again the same

Days and weeks passed hero's were made

For those who came to pass will never be


Memories of the happening for most hoped                                 "Forgotten"