Classic Country Western Musical


Kiss the stars, That lay afar

Escape and make your day with me 

We both a star

Flying through the milky way

Getting on where's no one gone or played to this day

in space

We are of what we make We made And make 


for Heaven's sake



Scene ONE

It's Good To be me

And i am happy with my Honey

Drinking coffee and she's drinking tea

We're so Happy

Dealing with nothing on Empty

Your a nice complimentary guarantee, talk about

Talking about money 

That's kind a funny

You like it

When I am me


You make me happy and my future Snappy

Looks good as it seams {Repeat}

Scene TWO

Oh... if you feel Empty

And you need... Something Handy

Look to me...

Look for me... I'll do what... you need and Max Out everything

I'll Do... what you really need

I'll give you Everything

If it's something you really need 


Find me

Confine in me 

I'll do everything {Repeat}

Scene Three

Out About

I step outside, to see

What's happening

How everybody is doing...

It is a sight to see

all these busy people, walking freely

My job makes a sanctuary

that's knee deep with bullets flying

with no short cuts or retreat, i just love what i see...


All these busy people are my friends

I'll protect them, till my very end {Repeat}

Scene Four

Bad Guy or Guys