Topsy Turvy

For those days filled with, doubt
It's hard what I am feeling now
With our relationship in about Everything going, inside out
When we try to talk, we shout
It ends with love, no doubt
Sometimes that's love,...
That's what I am talking about

Escaping Madness

I don't know… if I can escape
Your grasp, most women, can relate Your screams, I do intake
But, rationality performs no mistakes


My heart beats warmer
when I talk to you
A hug is a pleasure and I will respond to you
A kiss makes me stronger
And I will point it out to you
Finally, when we make more love,
I feel, I am, in Debt to you


Taking Care

I am taking care of myself 
I am looking out for first 
I will get there... 
Even if I feel I am my worst 
I did feel, I was low on life 
There was no relationship with Christ 
I did make a u turn, go 
I crawled back and endured 
Came back and made sure 
I was made to ensure 
I got my space

Exclusive Club and Times

I am lonely without prejudice 
Starving to chat became endless 
People have to be in cleanness 
Lines to keep the space vacant 
It's a ruthless world when in containment 
Following law was what most did with no resentment 
All knew, what was understood 
Everyone kept cool, chilled, till, it passed through...


Standing deep six or seven
Deciding to dig to eleven
Who, what, God might say
Take some time and think your way Make plans, pave your way
Take that ride and Holiday
Take to give, don't stash it away
Make plans, be pleased, stay safe

Kiss me...
I am in dire need for you
Once I saw you, You intrigued me..
so, I Reached out and found…
I wanted you



Figuring It All Out

I don't even know 
What's up with this world 
I don't follow 
Or chat, with just any girl 
I will move on 
Even if i am lukewarm  

I am in the way 
If I were a product 
I would be stored 
Put aside until i come and play 
So, I left, even if I should be told 
Come on Life, make it my world

Who, where, what and why 
Calm down life and be, by my side...
Subside and join me!