Topsy Turvy

For those days filled with, doubt
It's hard what I am feeling now
With our relationship in about Everything going, inside out
When we try to talk, we shout
It ends with love, no doubt
Sometimes that's love,...
That's what I am talking about

Escaping Madness

I don't know...
if I can escape
Your grasp, most women, can relate Your screams, I do intake
But, rationality performs no mistakes



Figuring It All Out

I don't even know 
What's up with this world 
I don't follow 
Or chat, with just any girl 
I will move on 
Even if i am lukewarm  

I am in the way 
If I were a product 
I would be stored 
Put aside until i come and play 
So, I left, even if I should be told 
Come on Life, make it my world

Who, where, what and why 
Calm down life and be, by my side...
Subside and join me!

Next Stop

Your my next stop to happiness
Your My only drop, I need of sweetness
My apple pie
My Savor
My satisfaction


I am an user
And an abuser
And I get my way
Every time I go out
I have to play and if I get into an argument
you will have to hear
what I have to say
That's how it go
as I set in my ways
It goes that way, its the way, I game