I'm gonna write

a little something

Short, Sweet And Nice

Especially for your something 

for your appetite

i will lead you, where it's right

Where romance always shines

and where couples unite

And where happiness decides

When love comes through our lives…

It's a (Crime) that your not, by my side

I don't need the time, to think about…

I want your luck and how you talk about it

What's a shame, we don't chat about it 

i am not satisfied 

having you (Not) by my side


I don't need so much

I don't need so much

I just want you, by my side (Repeat)

I have no choice

I got your love to bare

Every Moment I live 

I got love to share

It will be a pleasure

to give my way to you

Give you first

as I am subdued

holding my arms up and in front of you

Ready for a hug and a kiss or two


It will be a pleasure

to give my way to you  (Repeat)

Every time

I see you

you leave me feeling, I want you…

and when I do, I want you to be


Under my wing, Oh, Babe (Repeat)

Keep on showing

What your growing

Make sure you

keep on believing in

what you’re doing…

keep on believing on

what your improving…

keep on showing

What your growing…

Make sure you

keep on believing in

what your doing…

Keep on believing on

what you’re improving…

Please give me a moment or two

there is something, I wanna tell you…

something special, something nice, that you will hear more than twice

I just wanted, to tell you, that

I love you…

I am not too sure of what we got, but I am sure, we got a lot and what we got, we won’t give up

even if it’s only us…

Something is rising in me

Sensation that has to be

grasping at what

I really need

You’re love, overwhelms me