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Nov 6 2023

Thank You for surfing here. More will be released later. Been here before Go to (New) Please Enjoy!

FEB 24 2020

I added Notifications, in the store, enjoy, its only .50 cents each, on sale! 


Dec 28 2019

I added new material, Even if it wasn't done. What was done looked so good, i had to add it.

Thanks for your patience and support.



Aug 3 2019

Thank You, for your patience. 

June 24 2019

         Hello, I Decided to add a fourth book and started arranging as a 3-liner book mostly romance will be introduced to the book. I started it's own section which will have 15 Full samples for you to enjoy,...

Thanks for your time.
       Antonio Tony Lanzo




May 22 2019

   Hello all, my next book is more then half complete, there will be... 40 Lyrical songs, 20 Poems. I don't know, if, i will add pictures to this book. It's taking a lot in time looking through a few 1000 ideas, i got to write for the 3rd book. It should stay $2.99 kindle, Free with kindle subscription.  

P.S. Please look at third book Tab and fourth, for other examples, Give me time, i am all alone, Thank You!

 New, Examples of what's in the third Book..

  I Need To Talk 

I love You so much 

 You put me out of thought 

I find everything, I need in you 

It is not because... 

But, It might be, Why... 

I would not say "No" to you

I look at you 

and see true womanhood 

I got more to say... 

You are my woman 

My kind... 

I know your mine 

I will never say 

I don't want you, in anyway ... 




Together, Forever

Together, we will wed

Be ourselves  and not pretend

what will show, is what we love

Joining hands, gives us peace

Being together is our world, now on

We have love and a love for a 

Closed Bond


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